Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Random Rantings

I know my first post was pretty serious for the most part, but really I am a funny person with a silly sense of humor.  As I sit here munching on my second LARGE trowel of Trader Joe's tortilla chips I am reminded why I don't eat them in the first place, because once I pop I just can't stop - LOL. Anywho it
doesn't help that I had a glass of vino and some PMS medicine.  Not a good combination, I know.  The girls are at vacation bible school and I have some free time on hands.  Free time for me happens so infrequently I get a little lost when I actually do get some, smiles. 

So the young neighborhood child who normally cuts my grass came around today after about 4 weeks. When I asked him where he had been, his response was "around" . Around, huh? My grass is headed toward jungle status and all you can give me is "around".   I swear these children today have no drive about them, only a sense of entitlement!  In any case he will soon be replaced because I will be purchasing a lawn mower and weed trimmer and taking care of my grass from here on out.  Considering I have never cut grass a day in my life, we can all expect some funny sights.  I will have to post pictures for you guys.  I guess this all goes with the new found freedom I mentioned in my first post. Really, though freedom would be paying a professional lawn service to take care of my lawn. Well I am off to find the best price for a lawn mower and weed trimmer. Wish me luck!

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