Friday, April 29, 2011


Fridays for me always start out great yet always end up with me borderline depressed.  Let me explain, at the beginning of the workday I love Fridays. I mean I am all TGIF!! Yeah - "Cheers to the freakin' weekend", no work for two days and I'm going to have some rest and some fun.  This goes on till about 5pm when I get home and realize I have nothing to do. Now when I say nothing, you know that is not really true because I have two little women wanting snacks, dinner, candy and to stay up all night.  See they have NO problem with Friday nights.  But for me Friday nights have always been downers, even when I was single and childless.  I remember back then coming to my apartment and laying on my well worn green chenille couch (sadly yes) and staying in front of the TV till around 11pm, trying to fight off the tears  and finally giving in and going to bed. I have tried to escape the feeling with visits to friend's houses for playdates for mommy and the kids or having movie night at home.  Tonight I even went to family movie night with the girls at the new church we have been visiting. We watched Disney's Tangled  (, which turned out to be a cute and entertaining movie for us all - even the skater princess.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself  as well which came as a surprise because I am not big on fairy tales - the realist in me, I guess. However, as I was driving home that old familiar feeling began to creep up again and by the time I walked through my door it was there - waiting for me like a black cloud. 

After all these years, I have still not escaped it.  I have to get to the root of this! Time for me to ask my Daddy what to do. He will know what to do, He always does.

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  1. Girl, I sure hope you asked Dad about that one, because I can tell you it was NOT given to you by Him. He loves you too much to cause you to shed any tears other than tears of joy on Friday night or any other night! I pray He revealed the root so you can pull it out. If it's a big one and you need help, don't hesitate to call a sista! Now you KNOW I will help you yank that sucker right on out! LOL... Love you, girl!