Thursday, April 28, 2011

Too Long

It's been too long, way too long since I've had the urge to even think about putting a pen to paper or in this case my fingers to these keys. It's been too long, way too long since I have had a desire to share myself in this way with others.  So long in fact that I had to search this brain of mine to remember both the email address and password to even get into my blog account. How sad is that?  But today I began to get that itch again.  Some of my friends have been saying for awhile that I needed to start blogging again, but I just kept schlepping through my days with no direction.  Today for some reason, the light bulb went on, today I spoke the words aloud, "I think I am going to start blogging again". Yep I said that just out of the blue and you know when you speak things aloud that are in line with God's plan for you, He gives you confirmation.  My confirmation came less than an hour ago and in the same day I expressed my intent to begin writing again.  Almost a year ago, I submitted an article to a very popular website for single moms to be a contributing writer.  I was accepted as a writer, but did not submit any contributions other than my first article. Today I received an email from the owner of the blog wanting to use my article as part of a Mother's Day celebration week on the website! How is that for confirmation? I really don't know what it means or what the future holds in regard to me writing, but I will say this: writing energizes me and makes me feel alive.  Who doesn't want to do something that brings them to life? Did I say earlier I had just been schlepping though life? Yeah I was, but no more. 

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  1. Yes, I'm catching up on your posts today, and happy to see you still at it. Congrats on the article used for Mother's Day. You should share, please ma'am! :-)I purchased a journal not long ago that says on the front, "just keep writing". Those are now my words to you. :-)